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We believe in providing a protected entertainment environment for all players. Gambling in a protected environment should be an exciting and fun experience for adults.

always encourage players to make use of our services to our logic, prudence and according to their financial capabilities. We believe our important duty to protect players from problematic behaviors and situations and take the necessary measures to protect them, when brought to our attention any problematic behavior.

Keeping control

The majority of players entertained through their experience on our site. Although the majority of players keep checking for certain game can become a problem.

Players should always take into account the following:

The game will be treated as an entertainment tool and not as a way of making money.

Playing only amount you can lose without being burdened financially and / or emotionally.

Do you have in mind the time and money you spend.

If you want to make a break, you can self-exclude temporarily or permanently from the use of our services.

Problematic behaviours

If you worry that the game is causing problems in your life, the following questions may help you decide if there is a problem and need to ask for help:

They have never done observing others about your habits on the game?

Have you ever lied not to mention the amount you played or the time you spend in the game?

Resorting to the game often after fights, when you feel bad, or when you face difficulties?

Presenting moody trends during or after you play the game?

You play alone for long periods?

Neglect work or your studies to play?

You play to escape from a boring or unhappy life?

You're hard to spend money for the game on anything else?

Have you lost interest in family, friends and your hobbies due to gambling?

When you lose you feel that you have to try to play to win back the lost as quickly as possible?

When you play and you run out of money you feel lost and in despair and how to play again as soon as possible?

You play until you spend and your last money?

Have you lied, stolen or borrowed to play?

Do you feel depressed or even suicidal because of gambling?

Asking for help

There are many organizations that can offer help to people in trouble. If you need help, we recommend to contact one of the following international organizations that offer advice and assistance with complete confidence:

National Council on problem gambling


Gamblers anonymous

Filtration Systems

If you share your computer with anyone under the permitted age limit for the game, we recommend the installation of special software on the computer, so that there is restriction of Internet access by minors.

There are various control and containment applications of Internet access.

The Nanny Net allows parents to protect children from inappropriate content and pages on the internet:

The CYBERsitter allows parents to set personal limits on access to web pages:

The SaferInternet is a page that is co-financed by the European Union and provides detailed information about Internet filtering software:

Time out

You can make a time out from your account for a period of 1 to 42 days (up to 6 weeks). During the time out will not be possible in any way to have access or to open your account.

The company will do everything necessary to prevent the creation of new accounts during that period. When the time out expires automatically recoveries can login to your account.

Time limit game:

The function of "Timeout game" gives you more control over your gaming activity, allowing you to select a frequency with which they will receive information on the length of your game. It will give you the opportunity to choose whether you wish to continue playing or if you want to stop the game.

The game time limit is specified for each game. When enabled, the session will begin to count down from the moment you begin a game and will continue to appear on the frequency you have set for the duration of your game. The session ends when you go out of the game. The game time limit does not apply to peer-to-peer games and sports betting.

It is applicable to all games played on the website and the games that are accessible via a mobile device (except for games with real dealers). For games with real dealers that are played on a mobile device, you will need to adjust the length of the game than once per game.

You can set the time limit to the game page " My Account ". The first time you set the time, you may need to close and restart the game already playing to activate the function.

Live casino on mobile devices:

On mobile devices, you can adjust the timeout of live casino games by going to the settings area via the menu (fig. A) located in the casino lobby. There, by clicking "Settings" (Fig. B) you will have the opportunity to set a reminder for the duration of your game (fig. C) which, from the moment you set will apply to all live games casino. The first time you set the time, you may need to close and restart the live game already playing to activate the function.

Or self-deferral period of abstinence from gaming activity:

Upon request, we will block the account of any player for a minimum period of six months and up to 5 years if the player wishes to self-exclusion or refrain from gaming activity. During this period, it will not be in any way possible to access or activation of the account. Particular attention is given to expanding the inability to connect to other accounts held by the same player in other companies.

After the end of the self-exclusion period should the player make a phone call and only customer service, so they turned again his account. Otherwise the account will be closed. Requires 24-hour period following the activation request before activating the account-level statement.

An account that is simply closed may be reopened by the player at any time.

To use the self-exclusion feature or abstinence period from gaming activity, you need to contact us, indicating a desire for self-exclusion and this period. The period may be the minimum 6 months up to 5 years. This request will be served in hours customer service and the responsibility of the placement of any bet once the above request and until implementation will fall on the player clean. Alternatively, you can set your self exclusion using the relevant option in the " My Account ", with automatic power soon integrations process.

betting limits

Posing a betting limit, you define the maximum amount that you can bet on sports betting or casino games in a given period. The betting limits do not apply to poker. If you want to restrict your poker game, you can set a loss limit. You can set a daily, weekly and / or monthly limit.

Cancelled bets are not counted in the betting limits, when canceled within the specified time period. Money bonus and free bets are real money for the calculation of betting limits.

The implementation and the reduction of betting limits directly applicable. Increase or deletion of limits triggered by the end of 24 hours the transitional period, when it should again confirm the increase or the deletion to take effect.

limits losses

By setting a loss limit, you define the maximum amount you can lose in sports betting or casino games and poker in a given period. You can set a daily, weekly and / or monthly limit.

The loss limit is calculated based on the settlement of bets, not their positioning. If you want to restrict the placement of bets, you can position a betting limit. In the case of games software installation required, the losses are calculated based on those transports the player to close the software. Cancelled bets are not counted in the loss limits when canceled within the specified period. Money bonus and free bets are real money to count the loss standards.

The implementation and reduce losses directly applicable limits. Increase or deletion of limits triggered by the end of 24 hours the transitional period, when it should again confirm the increase or the deletion to take effect.

The loss limit is calculated by subtracting the lost bets from winning in the specified period. The stake is considered part of the total profits for a bet.

Example losses limit calculation:

 Place a bet worth € 50 and a value of € 25. The first bet returns € 0 (loss of € 50) and the second back € 65 (profit € 40). The total amount you have lost is € 10.

Calculate the total lost amounts:

Total amounts lost = Lost - earned

= € 50 (lost) - € 40 (earned)

= € 10

connection limits

Setting a connection limit, you define the maximum time that you are connected to your account. When you arrive at the designated connection limit will log out automatically.

The implementation and the reduction of connection limits apply to the next link. Increase or deletion of limits triggered by the end of seven days the transitional period.

The connection limits do not limit the time you can play in a software that require installation (eg poker software).

Staff training

All our staff in customer service are trained to be aware of problems that arise from the game.

If a member of staff realized a player facing problems with the game, it is required to take measures to protect the player. Those measures may include but not limited to call to get help from experts at the close of the player's account.

History and account balance

Players can easily access a full history of their transactions, deposits and their commitment to the page " My Account ".

The rest of the players account is always available on the page " My Account " and also appears at the top of each page when the player is connected.


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