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The Vierklee Wettbüro GmbH is an Austrian betting company based in Tyrol.

Run for over 30 years existing family-owned company offers besides the classic betting offer at Wetterminals & betting machines and online betting on making it a full service provider in the sports betting sector.

In this classic sports such as football, hockey, tennis, handball, US Sports, Motor Sports, etc. are offered to bet.

With over 100 betting terminals at selected partners throughout Tirol Vierklee is regional leader as a bookmaker in filial independent betting business.

In addition to sports betting represents Vierklee dart machines with the appropriate services available and is also known as betting offices supplier operates.

Company History

The company Vierklee was 1982 founded in Innsbruck from Peter Schönegger and taken over by Peter Hatzl as an individual enterprise in the 1987th The offer at that time consisted telephone and written Betting.

Until the year 1996 Vierklee entertained addition to its headquarters in Innsbruck also stores in Feldkirch and Dornbirn and Klagenfurt.

Already in 1998 Vierklee went with his webiste online, thus the online betting business from the baptism was lifted.

In 2000 the individual company was converted into a private limited.

In 2001 Vierklee presented for the first time on betting machines in Tirol, eventually loosing the telephone and in writing betting business.

2003 accepting telephone bets was all set. From this point on Vierklee specializing in the local betting operations at its headquarters and betting terminals.

2004 , the site was again relaunched and adapted to the current state of the art.

2008 was Dean Hatzl, the son of Peter Hatzl, CEO of Vierklee GmbH. Peter Hatzl is since 2012 retired.


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