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Sazka is the biggest and oldest lottery company in the Czech Republic with approximately 95% share in the market in lotteries and other similar games.

The Company’s key lottery products include number lotteries, with Sportka being its best-known game.

In addition to number lotteries, the Company’s product portfolio includes scratch tickets, sports betting and fast-moving games. Another pillar consists of non-lottery products, primarily based on the services of the SAZKAmobil mobile operator, on topping up pay-as-you-go mobile phones, selling tickets for events, and facilitating payments for services and goods.


History of Sazka

1956 - Sazka foundation. The first game gets the same name as the company - Sazka. In the game he bets on sports events.

1957 - Sazka begins to function as a specialized facility of the Czechoslovak Union of Physical Education and Sport (ČSTV). On 22 April the same year, the first numerical lottery draws.

1965 - The first will be drawn second move in the lottery.

1967 - Bettors can now try luck in the lottery betting small television "Mates".

1969 - Sazka is transferred to the machine processing of bets.

1981 - The early '80s formed Pick 5 from 40. The proceeds went to prepare and stay Czechoslovak Olympians for the upcoming winter and summer games.

1984 - Introducing the automated machining bets for faster results announcement and payment of winnings.

1989 - Part of the family of games Sazka become scratchcards.

1992 - Play begins with a banker whose TV version is one of the most watched shows of its time. In the same year, Sazka transformed from a state enterprise into a corporation in which ownership is divided sports and physical education civic associations.

1993 - Thanks to the development of technologies transferred bets on online terminal. The lottery was first played for Jackpot.

1994 - The premiere of a popular lottery Lucky 10th

1995 - Due to the enormous popularity of Sazka Sportka also introduced Wednesday's draw. As a bonus for punters arises side game Million Chance.

1996 - Sazka caters to lovers of sports odds bets, and therefore it is introduced.

2002 - This creates a fast and fun game of Keno. New terminals allow credit on their mobile phone and check winning Scratch.

2003 - Family lottery is joined by a new Euromillions game.

2004 - Opens multipurpose Sazka Arena (now the O2 arena) and formed a sales network of SAZKA TICKET tickets to sporting and cultural events.

2006 - The lottery Lucky 10 connects additional Kings game. Sazka terminals are again a bit "smarter". Newly allow paying bills, invoices and insurance.

2008 - Introducing new instant games Dice.

2009 - More comfort for fans of sports odds bets - Sazka launches betting on the Internet.

2010 - In the game Sportka newly plays a giant SUPERJACKPOT.

2011 - Sazka changing hands. The new owners are becoming investment group PPF and KKCG.

2012 - The first lottery draw new jelly.

2012 - Lottery leader thanks to another change in ownership stabilizes. Sazka becomes a full member of the multinational financial and investment company KKCG.

2014 - The Czechs play for the first billion - Sazka lottery brings to the Czech Eurojackpot.

2015 - In May, the highest ever falls Eurojackpot in the amount of CZK 2.466 billion. The prize carries a player from Pardubice.

2016 - Launching a new dimension of entertainment for sports fans! In the online game Fantasy football everyone can assemble your sports team and based on the real performance of the players not only earn points but also prizes.

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