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About Multicommerce Game Studio

We are a game design studio with more than 10 years of experience. Multicommerce has a strong background in the gaming industry, with projects ranging from backend application, SAS development (hard & soft) to specific game domains like Class II and Bingo games. During the past 3 years, our talented group was focused on a portfolio of core reel games for the world class gaming industry.


What we do:

Game content: idea and concept brief, feature design, math design and profiling, graphic and audio development.

Platform side: C++, Java and Flash programming, graphic libraries, engine design, server side apps, testing and QA.

Compliance: understanding and skills to deal with certification laboratories and jurisdictional requirements. (GLI, NV, NJ, Ontario)

We cover the complete pipeline required for certified Class III game product from start to end.


Our strenghts:

Whole design and implementation of stand-alone casino games and server-based games, including math modeling.

Customization and localization for different markets.

Design and implementation of original game content based on customer requirements or math profile requirements. Clear understanding of key items to create games for gamblers.

Internal tools to analyze competitors and own games looking into specific variables such as: volatility, player session length, wild count, x of a kind combo balance, disappointing feature analysis and others.


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