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Asia's first gaming jurisdiction

First Cagayan is a corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines with SEC Registration No. A200005770.

First Cagayan is at the forefront of the development of the gaming infrastructure in the Zone pursuant to Section 6 (f) of Republic Act No. 7922 (Cagayan Special Economic Zone Act.)

Gaming operators and entities operating in the Zone enjoys numerous benefits and incentives inherent in CEZA registered enterprises -- including the potential of positioning themselves as lead players in the Zone's ensuing global connectivity.

CEZA through First Cagayan accords gaming operators the chance to become part of a promising business environment, and provides a well-situated base to penetrate the gaming markets of the Asia-Pacific Region and the rest of the world.

First Cagayan is a subsidiary of Leisure and Resorts World Corporation, a listed company at the Philippine Stock Exchange.



The primary purposes of First Cagayan are:

    • To operate, manage, supervise, establish, own, acquire, purchase, lease tourism-related facilities and activities which shall include games, amusements, recreational sports, internet games, casinos, golf courses and others at the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport in the Municipality of Santa Ana and the neighboring islands in the Municipality of Aparri, Province of Cagayan; and other areas that may hereafter be included as part of the Zone.
    • To establish and set up a Network Operation center/Hub with its internet server including web sites, gaming software, application programs, administrative software, hardware, internet, as well as telecommunication connections, collection payment system and toll free telephone operations, all in connection with the development, operation and conduct of internet and gaming enterprises and facilities.
    • To regulate and monitor on behalf of CEZA all activities pertaining to the licensing and operation of interactive games.


As the Master Licensor, First Cagayan's responsibilities to its fee-paying licensees are:

    • To ensure that all applicants have suitable references and no criminal record;
    • To ensure that all software and specific games of chance conform to all regulations that protect the customers and thus the industry;
    • To maintain the telecommunication infrastructure and internet connectivity;
    • To monitor game payouts to make certain that they are within acceptable worldwide standards;
    • To make certain that a complete record of all transactions are available for inspection by designated officials;
    • Collect all fees due to the CEZA
    • Enforce rules and regulations promulgated by CEZA


As the Master Licensor, First Cagayan also offers a range of other services to other Internet Gaming Operators for a fee. These revenue streams include but are not limited to the following:

    • Connectivity using wide bandwidth capabilities
    • Physical housing of the server to host the Internet site, in a high security site
    • High quality monitoring and maintenance services for the Internet infrastructure
    • Hosting services which include connection of servers and data networking equipment to the same monitoring and management system
    • A range of call center services
    • A range of value added services for ongoing operation of the Internet Site and management of the Internet Casino Site
    • Office space
    • Administration services which includes facilities management, server management and network monitoring
    • Payment and receipt of gaming funds services
    • Telecommunication services
    • Physical security and monitored access
    • Off-site storage of back up materials in secure premises
    • Second level help desk service that includes provision of a single answering point for operational, performance, reporting and commercial issues
    • Value added services, such as website monitoring, traffic analysis. Marketing analysis, telemarketing, and customer relationship management among others


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26th Floor West Towe Avenue of the Philippines, Pasig , Metro Manila, Philippines
(632) 638-55-56
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