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Bingocams launched in the UK in February 2011 and since has seen great success, boasting a unique live bingo experience, free bingo promotions and friendly bingo community. The personal bingo experience that Bingocams offers is something that is favoured by many online bingo fans who are on the lookout for a real bingo hall experience.

As the only webcam bingo site online, Bingocams has become renowned for its community spirit where players can meet, chat and play whilst interacting through webcam chat games. The webcam bingo games allow players to enjoy their favourite online and free bingo games from the comfort of their own home and with so many exclusive prizes up for grabs, it is no wonder the bingo rooms are always thriving with eager bingo players.

Whilst players love the friendly chat hosts and bustling bingo rooms, Bingocams has also built a reputation on its innovative live bingo games and bingo promotions. Live Win Moments is a fine example of the fantastic prizes on offer and the exclusive chat games really make players feel welcome.

If you, like so many others, are looking for a unique and innovative bingo brand, sign up today and receive £5 for free as well as a 300% welcome bonus on all first time deposits.


Webcams & Bingocams Community

At Bingocams you can chat with all players in the bingo room by using the room chat at the bottom of the game. You can also chat privately to other Bingocams players (with or without webcam) using our private chat function.


Bingo Room Chat Window

The rectangular window at the bottom of the bingo game is the group chat window. This displays all messages that Bingocams players enter into the group chat. Private conversations are not displayed here. In the group chat window, you can chat with all the users in the bingo room which you are playing in, as well as play chat games which are initiated


Bingo Room Chat Options

At the top of the bingo room chat window is information regarding the number of friends, the number of players and the number of players with active webcams that are in the bingo room. In the top-right, you'll find the 'Do not broadcast my live win-moments' and 'Refuse private chat requests' options. If you enable the 'Do not broadcast my live win-moments' option, Bingocams users will not see your live webcam stream when you win a prize. If you enable the 'Refuse private chat requests' option, it will be impossible for other Bingocams to invite you to join a private chat. All messages in the bingo room chat window are displayed in the group chat window in the large rectangle in the centre. First is the username of the person speaking, and then the message follows. If you click on the username, various options are displayed, specifically: block user, add as buddy and report abuse. All messages in the bingo room chat window are displayed in the group chat window in the large rectangle in the centre. 


Blocking users 

To optimize your bingo experience, Bingocams allows you to block private chat requests from a certain user. When you click on 'block user', private chat requests from this user are no longer displayed. 


Adding users to your 'buddy-list' / friends list 

When you click on 'add as buddy', you add another Bingocams player to your buddy-list. You'll find the buddy list under the 'Buddies' button on the far-right of the screen where all users in the room are usually displayed. Adding other users to your ‘Buddies List’ makes it easier to keep in touch with them whilst playing bingo. 


Reporting abuse by users 

When you click on 'report abuse', you can anonymously inform Bingocams about a certain player's misconduct in the bingo room. If no chat host is present, the form is automatically forwarded to Bingocams player support. In the window that opens when you click on 'report abuse', you can indicate the nature of the complaint by clicking on 'Nature of complaint' and selecting the correct option. After this, you can enter a description of what happened and click on 'report misconduct'. In the interest of keeping our bingo rooms fun and friendly, you can be sure that Bingocams will take these statements seriously and will promptly take the appropriate action. 


Chatting in the Bingo room chat window 

To enter a message into the bingo room chat window, first click on the rectangular field at the bottom of the room chat window (you'll find this field next to the yellow smiley). Enter your message and press ENTER to send it to the room chat window. The rest of the bingo room can now see your text. 



Besides text, you can also send small icons as messages to rest of the bingo room. Bingocams allows you to add these 'smileys' to your message by clicking on the yellow smiley next to the text field. A selection of smileys will appear. Some smileys are only available to Bingocams users with a silver, gold or above status.


Having a private chat conversation

If you don't want to chat with everyone in the bingo room, but would like to chat with a specific Bingocams player, you can have a private conversation with this user. All messages that you send are then only displayed to the user with whom you are having the chat rather than the rest of the bingo room.


The private chat window

At Bingocams the private chat window consists of the following parts: the live chat window, the conversation window in the centre, the tab pages of the users with whom you are having a private chat, the text field and the profile window. 

The live chat window is to the far-left of the private chat window. If no active webcam is available for the users you are chatting with, only a rectangular button is displayed. If a webcam is active, the webcam stream of your conversation partner is displayed. 

The conversation window is found in the centre of the private chat window and displays the conversation. Messages from Bingocams are displayed here. 

Under the conversation window, there are tab pages containing the names of the other bingo players that you are having private conversations with. Click on a tab page to go to the conversation with the user whose name is on the tab page. You can have up to 3 private conversations in the private chat window. 

Under the users tab pages, you'll find the text field into which you can enter messages which appear in the private chat window. When you press ENTER, the text is sent to the active private chat. 

When you click on the 'plus' symbol next to the username, other options appear. If you click on 'remove from chat', the private conversation with the other bingo player is terminated. You can use the 'Block user' option if you would prefer to not receive any messages or invitations from this specific user. Select the 'Add as buddy' option if you would like to add this user to your friends list.You can use the 'Report abuse' option if your conversation partner has broken Bingocams chat room rules. 

In the far-right of the private chat window is the Profile button. When you click on this, the profile window opens. Here, you can view the profile of the bingo player with whom you are chatting.


Activating your own webcam

In order to share your joy at winning a bingo prize bingo prize with others face to face, you must activate your webcam. 

You can activate your webcam by clicking on the webcam icon which you will find in the top-right of the bingo room. The 'webcam' window will open. If your webcam is active, you will see the image from your webcam in large in the centre. 

An Adobe Flash Player security may ask you whether you would like to grant Bingocams access to your webcam. It is completely safe to do this. Mark the circle to the left of 'allow'. Then click on 'close'. 

You can now close the webcam window by clicking on the cross in the top-right of the window. A small image from your webcam should appear in the top-left in place of the small webcam icon within the bingo game. 


Please note:

    • Bingocams rules state that you must be present and clearly visible whenever your webcam is switched on. 
    • Bingocams does not allow webcam overlays or to add images to the webcam stream using any other methods.



Turning off the webcam

You can deactivate your webcam by clicking on the small version of your webcam image that you'll find at the top-right of the bingo room. The 'Webcam' window will open. When your webcam is active, its image appears in large in the centre. When it is not active, the webcam icon is displayed. Click on the 'cam off' button below the icon. 

An Adobe Flash Player security window may ask you whether you would like to grant Bingocams access to your webcam. This time, click on 'don't allow'. Then click on 'close'.


Live chat hosts

A chat host is a Bingocams employee that guides the discussion and ensures that the chat in our bingo rooms is fun and friendly. The chat hosts can also be asked questions which do not require access to a Bingocams account. 

If someone doesn't abide by Bingocams rules, a chat host can immediately remove the user from the bingo game. This can even lead to being permanently blocked from using Bingocams. This ensures that the pleasant nature of the chat is not disturbed.

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Villa Seminia, 8 Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta' Xbiex XBX 1011, Malta