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31A , Kaunas , Kaunas County, Lithuania
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Being bookmaking pioneers in Lithuania, we know the market perfectly and are always one step ahead. We monitor global trends and innovative developments, and always seek to offer new solutions and high quality services. Our new betting points, for us as a company, represent one more step forward, while they offer all bookmaking services in one place for our customers.


TOP sport creator Gintaras Staniulis.  

TOP sport is the first and biggest betting agency in Lithuania, having started operating in 2002 as the first betting agency to be established in Lithuania. As the years have gone by, TOP sport has expanded and improved, so that now TOP sport is not just a betting agency: it is the most modern and the biggest leisure space and the most popular internet betting platform in Lithuania.

At the moment, TOP sport has betting shops in 34 towns, with 93 betting points and 14 TOP sport CASINO poker machine (slot machine) salons.

You can find out where the BETTING SHOPS and CASINO SALONS are by looking at:   Betting Shops CASINO



TOP Sport delivers a broad range of services at both the betting points and on-line:

Classic betting - starting price (bets taken until start of event);

Live betting - bets can be placed during an event, in accordance with odds (betting conditions) announced at that moment; and the sporting events can be watched on television or on-line at the betting shop;

Dog races - betting takes place every 1 minute simultaneously all over Lithuania. You can bet on which dog (out of six in each race) will finish first, or on which dogs will finish in first and second place;)

Horse races - there are 7 horses in each race and you can bet on a winner right until the start of the race;

Poker games - play takes place in real time, with rules and procedures very similar to the most popular form of poker: Texas Hold’em Poker;

Baccarat betting - play takes place in real time, with rules and procedures almost identical to those of the type of Baccarat that is usually played in casinos;

Betting shops - CASINO , these are most of which operate 24/7.


Lottery betting:

Lucky 7 - 7 out of 42 – a classic game using 21 yellow balls and 21 black balls. The total amount that their values add up to is 903 (yellow 451, black 452); 

Lucky 5 – a classic game using 9 white balls, 9 green balls, 9 red balls and 9 blue balls. The total amount that their values add up to is 666 (white 45, green 126, red 207, blue 288);

Dice - a new, unparalleled game offered only by us. The croupier rolls five dice, each of which has six faces with from 1 to 6 dots on it. This is a dynamic table game for venturesome people;



The aim of TOP Sport is to nurture love of sport. For this purpose we seek to spread knowledge about sporting events, the results of the best achievers and the sports people that represent our country. We believe that by creating a safe and exciting place where or customers can relax and enjoy live sports broadcasts we can also stimulate more interest in sport and a love for sports other than just the most popular ones.

We attempt to achieve this goal by continually improving our services, by providing quality broadcasts of sporting events and their results and by creating full comfort for our customers. Our ultra-modern betting shops are equipped with bars, smoking rooms and 500 TV screens that transmit various sporting events non-stop.



    • Kauno "Žalgiris",

    • Vilniaus "Žalgiris",

    • Regional Basketball League(RKL),

    • Vilniaus "Sostinė",

    • Vilniaus Basketball League(VKL in Lithuania),

    • Kaunas Basketball League(KKL in Lithuanian),

    • Kauno Amateur Basketball League(KKML in Lithuanian),

    • Klaipėda Amateur Basketball League(KKML in Lithuanian),

    • Šiauliai Basketball League (ŠKL in Lithuanian),

    • Marijampolė Amateur Basketball League(MKML in Lithuanian),

    • Kėdainiai Amateur Basketball League

    • Vytautas Švedas Rally AROUND LITHUANIA 2014

    •  BC Zalgiris  FC Zalgiris                




    • 2001-06-29 Lithuania registered the first betting company - Top Sport - Register of Enterprises of the LR .

    • 2002-06-21 The license granted to the company Top Sport to organize betting .

    • 2002-11-19 The first betting shop was opened in Kaunas;

    • 2005-09-20 Launched i-betting service;

    • 2006-09-17 Launched telephone betting service;

    • 2008-03-05 Start accepting bets on dog race betting shops;

    • 2010-11-10 Launched dog race online;

    • 2011-09-15 Launched betting mobile version online;

    • 2012-04-05 Launched android, iPhone and iPad betting apps;

    • 2012-10-13 Launched live betting games 24/7



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31A , Kaunas , Kaunas County, Lithuania

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