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In fact; International Montenegro isansli (License No: 0081) is an online service company. is a company that provides fast and reliable deposit and withdrawal options aiming to provide quality service to its customers with products such as sports betting, casino, live casino, poker, backgammon. is committed to providing quality service to its customers by providing live betting opportunities for more than 20,000 trades each month, rates above the market average and the ability to withdraw money quickly and reliably. For our customers, it is our most important principle to give them a smooth betting experience and to have an entertainment platform that our customers will enjoy. We wish good fun.


Responsible Betting

As a matter of fact, we believe that we can provide a 'protected entertainment environment'. This is an important part of our customer service program. Betting in a protected environment should be an exciting and enjoyable experience for adults. We want you to experience the pleasure of your experience. So, we play with reasonable and budget. Staying Under Control Many of our customers enjoy the Bet experience. Betting for some reason can be a problem for many people who are betting themselves. The following information can help you to keep yourself under control:

  1. The bet should be amusing and there should not be a visible way to make money.

  2. Avoid tracking losses.

  3. You only bet as much as the loss you can afford.

  4. Follow the time and the amount you spend.

  5. If you want to take a break, you can use our self exclusion option by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your account details. Your account will close for 6 months without opening for any reason.


Bet Problem

If you consider that the bet affects you (or someone else's life) then the following questions may help you find it:

  1. Have others criticized your gambling?

  2. Have you ever lied to hide the money you spend or the time you spend?

  3. Did discussions, failures or frustrations increase your desire to bet?

  4. Have you been betting alone for so long?

  5. Are you staying away from your job or school to play a bet?

  6. Are you betting on the purpose of getting rid of a boring or unhappy hayattan?

  7. Do you feel uncomfortable spending 'bet money' on something else?

  8. Have you lost family, friends or entertainment interests for a bet?

  9. After you lose, I must play again to regain your loss, and do you feel like I should win?

  10. Do you want to feel bad and sad and play bets as soon as possible when your money is over when you are betting?

  11. Will you bet all your money until the end?

  12. Have you borrowed, lied or did you steal one of your life that you ever need the money to bet?

  13. Do you think you're too bad, depressed or even suicidal for betting?

If a person has a problem and needs to talk for help, these questions will help you to make a personal decision.



  1. It is absolutely guilty of betting under legal age and you must be 18 years old or over to play on our site. All transactions made by those under 18 years of age will be canceled immediately.

  2. No player residing in the United States or Canada will be admitted whatever the circumstances. In such a case all bets on the player will be canceled and the money paid will be returned to him.

  3. It is entirely up to you to register and play our games within the jurisdiction in which you are betting is not legal.

  4. As a matter of fact, we have the right to ask for documents that you can prove your identity, your age and your residence. When the players who pay money ask us to withdraw funds from the account, they may request photocopies of photo identification, residence certificate and bank / credit card. We have the authority to investigate and apply lawful and logical channels with the intention of giving you details. If you are found to be under 18 years of age after your enrollment, your account will be closed and all your payments will be refunded.

  5. In other words, based on the review of your information in the user information, the betting account has the right to refuse to register and process your request.

  6. The player shall be deemed to have declared that all information provided by us on the registration form is accurate, complete and complete. If the information you provide is incomplete and untrue, you may cancel your registration, suspend and terminate your account, and you may be subject to legal penalties or public action. Our Services Our services are strictly not open to his employees, agencies (including advertising agencies and other promotional companies), heirs, agents, first-class family members, other domestic members, agency members, licensors and contractors.

  7. When you change your address and phone number, you need to prove these changes with the documents you need.

  8. Our services are available for personal and private entertainment purposes only. It can not be used for commercial or business purposes including joint betting.

  9. The immoral and criminal language used against chat rooms or against the Teammate team will never be forgiven. The owner does not have the right to make comments that are inaccurate and / or malicious and / or harmful to the management and operations of the Bet on any medium or forum.


Become a member

In order to use our services, you must complete the registration process. Once you have confirmed the registration process, you will now be accepted as a registered member in the Bahcese.

  1. Among other details, you will be asked to select the screen name and PIN number when performing the user registration process. Please keep your PIN number in a safe and confidential manner, all entries to be made in your PIN number will be deemed to have been made by you.

  2. If you are younger than 18 or moving on behalf of someone younger than 18, it is not possible for you to be a registered member and take advantage of our services.

  3. You need to let us know your screen name while registering (same as user name), this name will also appear on the screen while you are betting. The user should not be offensive or defamatory in nature. It is not possible to change the player as soon as it is confirmed. Only if the name you choose can be changed on our behalf if we find it inappropriate.

  4. When registering, you need to provide a valid phone number where you can place your bets. Only one player can register a phone line. You need to ensure that no other party or third parties use your phone line.

  5. The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exercise its rights under the following conditions:

    1. To refuse to be a registered member and

    2. Suspend or cancel your registration or your membership without having to show any reason.

  6. By registering you agree that you have no other members in the Bet and you can only have one member account. Transactions of more than one member of the same person are not allowed. In such cases, all registration transactions for that person will be canceled and all bonuses and winnings in multiple accounts will be canceled.

  7. In the event that the security team suspects such a situation or determines the possibility of fraud with respect to the betting accounts, the winnings of the players will be confiscated and the first payment they made will be refunded.

  8. In other words, the company has the right to disqualify bets or bets on behalf of the person acting for fraud. This includes, among others, organizations, betting organizers and employees.


Contact us

You can contact us by e-mail for any question, problem and opinion regarding the bet. As a Customer Service team, we are happy to help you with any aspect. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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